Friday, September 11, 2009

Easy NO Cost Income

These are the programs I use to fund my Traffic Swarm upgrade.

They make money and build my referral base. If you join and use each of these programs, you will EASILY pay for your Traffic Swarm upgrade as well.

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Here's my list:

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Sunday, June 28, 2009


Your downline is growing nicely. You've sponsored 10 new people. You teach them to do the same, and they do !! They sponsor like crazy and you couldn't be happier.

Then it happens. Two months later they all stop. They don't even answer your e-mails.

Why ? They had the same great results you did. You taught them well.

So what happened ?

Results ! Or rather, a lack of results.

Your idea of a positive result is a growing downline. Since you have seen your group grow, you are happy with the results.

The problem lies in the expected results of your downline.

One may need immediate income. So even with success building a downline, without income, the expected results aren't there and she quits.

The next may expect more out of the product. But if his wrinkles don't disappear, he doesn't lose 50 lbs etc... he doesnt have the results he expects...and he quits.

So what do you do to keep getting the results YOU want ?

Be sure you know what kind of results are expected by your downline. Ask them what the are expecting to get out of your program. Then be certain to address that issue.

Help THEM acheive the "results" THEY want and in turn you will acheive the results you seek.

That need to lose those wrinkles, drop some weight, grow my downline and make me a LOT of money !!

Now get crackin !!!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Easiest Money Lite

Ok, ok... you aren't ready to spend $30 per month. I understand, sort of.

How about I give you something that is INSANELY generous cuz I'm so awesome !!
Well, I think I am.

Here's the new deal.


  1. Below I will give you a link to a website. SIGN UP ! Then...
  2. Join EVERY program you see on the list. (hint: NO ppc, ptr or other scammy stuff)
  3. When you are ABLE, upgrade an low as $1.95 per month.
  4. When you start making money, upgrade additional accounts until you earn enough to do the earlier EASIEST money ever plan. see prior post.


Here it is:

Sunday, May 24, 2009

No BS Cash Cow

Tired of all the BS get rich quick systems?

Want a simple way to make great money ?

Read this whole stinkin page !!

Network Marketing or MLM plans CAN work if they are approached correctly.

The programs have to be brain-dead simple, affordable, offer a real product that doesn't have to be delivered, stored, or eaten...

Here you go..
Are you willing to spend $1 per day to make $1000, $10,000 or more per month ?? You will never have to pay more than $30 per month !! You can even remain a free member forever if you don't like making money.
ok, early disclaimer...I can't promise you'll make any money, your results may vary, etc...

This money-maker-for-dummies (non dummies are welcome too) pays like this :

Everyone pays $30 per month via credit or debit card ONLY.

The commissions paid for referrals look like this... Level 1: $5, Level 2: $4, Level 3: $3, Level 4: $2, and finally...Level 5: $1

Lemme see..... I find just 10 people that want to pay off their house.... they each find 10 people with a credit card problem...they each find 10 greedy people...etc

  1. 10 @ level one: $50 per month
  2. 100 @ level two: $400 per month
  3. 1000 @ level three: $3000 per month
  4. 10000 @ level four: $20,000 per month
  5. level five is just ludicrous money....
ok,ok, I hear you... 10,000 people ?...just get the first hungry ten. This company has over 500,000 members already, so I guess it's popular.

Ready ? ...big drumroll....

Join Traffic Swarm and upgrade your account.

Join here for free now and upgrade when you finally "get it" !!!

If this is too easy for you, I can't help you.